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Faryl wrote: *drops in from sky wearing pinstriped suit* WHAT'S THIS *shot for bad TNBC joke* Faryl wrote: I'd pair you up with myself and we can live happily ever after in the Haunted Mansion's storage room. Faryl wrote: Opal Rhea wrote: Oh and guess what one of my Birthday presents was... Mark will know, I recently threatened him with it (( Everyone's a little bit Constance, it's true~)) Faryl, when referring to how AFI is crap these days, wrote: Decemberunderground was their last grasp on sanity, and Crash Love was made when they were in a state similar to... A. The aftermath of sniffing permanent markers. B. Davey watching too much Disney Channel C. Them running out of ideas so they would decide to copy the first thing they heard on the radio. D. Jade having a little too much alone time E. All of the above Faryl wrote: This is a torture topic? *hides hatchet behind back* Faryl wrote: Mark wrote: Just because the Attic's related to Constance and Hatty doesnt mean it ABSOLUTELY has to be directly linked to them... Doombuggies.com says hello. It's elementary, my friend. *whacks* Faryl wrote: The only subject I hate in school is lunch. *shiver* I'm always late, and I never get anything done. Faryl wrote: ((Foolish mortals, Alexis has returned. ... And I gets meself a HATCHET~ =D Faryl wrote: I've recently observed that I am an Ash lookalike. Except I don't sparkle in sunlight.

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